5 Employee Recognition Ideas That Don’t Cost a Penny

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5 Employee Recognition Ideas That Don’t Cost a Penny

People like to feel that they are valued and one way employees feel that way is by being recognized for their efforts and work. Employee recognition initiatives are a perfect avenue to make sure that your workers are valued, which increases productivity and work satisfaction.

While there are plenty of employee recognition initiatives out there, there are a few that won’t cost you anything.

Work-Based Privileges

One of the easiest and least expensive ways to recognize an employee’s work is with work-based privileges. Here are a few ways to implement work-based privileges:

  • Allow employees to telecommute. While this won’t work in retail or areas where an employee has to physically be there, it works well for those who work on a computer or even those in some types of sales positions.
  • Give a special parking space. A closer space is sometimes a hot commodity, especially for those who work for large companies.
  • Allow a longer lunch or the employee to choose a day off. Time off with pay is always a huge incentive but even a longer lunch day can motivate a team member in trying to achieve a specific goal.

Special Recognition Awards

If an employee has performed exceptionally well, a special recognition award is an ideal way of saying thank you. Even for those who are not performing as well as their counterparts, this is a way to inspire them to do their best.

For instance, a point-based incentive program works well because an employee has to do X and Y to get to Z. It’s easy to implement and easy for the employee to follow and achieve because the rules are straightforward.

Involvement in Key Projects

Everyone wants to feel that they are part of a team or a solution. Make sure that you motivate employees by allowing those who perform well to be involved in key projects.

Social Recognition

In a time where selfies and social media is at an all-time high, here is another initiative that is not only free but is effective.

For employees who are at the top of their game, put them on the company website, in the company newsletter, or give them a shout-out on social media. It makes a huge difference and the employee will feel more proud of their accomplishments.

It is also an attainable goal that others can strive to reach, which means better performances.

Make it a Team Effort

People like being a part of a team and whether it’s a friendly competition or a company picnic, bringing the workforce together as a way of recognizing those who are doing well not only achieves more camaraderie but it also motivates those who are under-performing.

Free ideas include a “bring your dog to work” day or having a relaxed dress code if that is possible. These ideas have to focus on recognizing the employee where they feel they are getting something special, however.

It’s the Little Things

Many of these initiatives are little things that really make a difference in motivating and inspiring employees.

According to Forbes:

You’d be surprised by the degree to which simply thanking your employees fosters an atmosphere of trust. When employees know their efforts contribute to a cause and are noticed by people higher up the food chain, they feel a deeper connection to leadership.

By implementing an incentive program, you have the ability to not only recognize your employees for their work, but you are motivating them to continue to do the work you are recognizing them for in the first place.  Best of all? These incentives won’t cost you a thing.