Employee Service Awards

Reimagine Your Employee Years of Service Award Program

A Modern Day Employee Service Award Program

An employee service award program today has to start from the first day that a new employee comes on board. Why? For the simple fact that employee tenure for younger workers is only 2.8 years, and for all workers, tenure is 4.2 years.


Give employees what they want vs. what you think they want. Merchandise, charitable donations, experiences.


Make it a personal WOW moment. Let them “blow out the candles” in front of their peers. Make the event bigger than the gift itself. Involve the team and celebrate.


Celebrate more than just tenure. Recognize success, accomplishments, friendships, and relationships.


Combine all of your recognition initiatives into one platform, which creates a holistic view of accomplishments beyond traditional 3, 5, 10, 15-year milestones.

Evolution of a Years of Service Program

The war for talent is here and will continue on until workers close the gap on the skills they currently have, with what the best jobs demand. With that in mind, it has become very clear that organizations have to dedicate resources to increase employee retention and employee engagement. The cost is just too high not to do anything as your best talent packs up and moves on to organizations that will show them the love. An employee service awards program, when done right, is an easy way to increase the engagement that companies need.

Do More than Check the Box

Whether you call it a service award program, service milestone award program, length of service award program, or employee anniversary program, they all are based on the simple premise of recognizing employees on their work anniversary or corporate birthday. In and of itself they are basic, simple programs that check the box for most companies who can say – we offer an employee service award program.

It’s a New Day

What worked yesterday does not work today when crafting your employee service award program. Traditionally, employee service awards were awarded starting at five years of service, and every five years thereafter.  Great companies are starting employee recognition on day one, the employee’s corporate birthday, through onboarding recognition, followed up by formal recognition at six months, one year, and two years. This doesn’t mean that a significant amount of budget dollars is needed, as the public and social act of recognition is what will have the highest impact.  During these early years of recognition, it is imperative to let younger tenured employees know that “we value you now”, and want to say thank you early and often

infographic showing stages of employee service awards

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Make it Their Day

An employee service award without a formal presentation is like having a cake without the icing. It’s just not as good.

Presentation is an important engagement tool when used correctly. It makes employees feel valued, fosters pride, and improves employee engagement.

From custom presentation pieces, including glass and acrylic awards, sustainable awards, branded swag, and simple certificates, CoreCentive provides any award that you desire, regardless of your budget.



Create a tangible, creative presentation process for achievements or milestones

Program Administration

With today’s technology a service award program should be easy to administer

Impactful Rewards

Today’s employees want and deserve great choices in their available award options


Partner with a provider that’s taken exorbitant markups out of the gifts

Solutions Designed to Fit Your Organization’s Needs

Large or small. Simple or complex. Domestic or global. CoreCentive has a solution that works around your organizations service award programs needs. From recognition presentation pieces to our vast gift reward selection with millions of gift awards available, we provide you and your employees with the value that you should expect!

Stretch your employee service awards budget to the max with our no markup on gifts approach. The industry average markup for service award gift merchandise is between 50% and 150%! Not with CoreCentive. Enjoy the value and pricing transparency that we brought to the industry years ago.

Request an Employee Service Award Program Assessment

Let us help you assess if your current program is hitting all the marks

Fill out the employee service award assessment form and we will be in touch to help you assess whether or not your current employee service award program needs a refresh.

Our assessment helps answer the questions:

  • Could you be giving your employees a better overall experience?
  • For the budget dollars allocated, are you getting the best value?
  • Does your gift selection represent the diversity of your employees?
  • Are charitable donations, experiences, and thousands of reward choices part of the program?
  • If you have a multi-national organization, does your program easily incorporate all employees across the globe?
  • What roll does presentation play in your program?