Employee Recognition & Incentives

Employee recognition has never been more essential to your organization

CoreCentive is focused on helping you solve business issues related to your workforce. Our cloud-based employee recognition platform is designed to align your employees with organizational values, goals, and objectives through effective Employee Recognition, Social Recognition, Employee Service Awards, Incentives, and Wellness Initiatives.

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employee recognition

Making employee recognition fun to give and receive with an zero-markup on rewards program

Employee Appreciation and Anniversary Messages for Years of Service Awards

service awards

Celebrate & increase tenure through a modern program that emphasizes your employee

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Points Incentives

Incentivize employees to hit goals, participate in company initiatives and drive behaviors for positive outcomes

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Global Recognition

A single and scalable an global rewards solution that will delight your employees and drive business value.

Take Employee Recognition to the Next Level with AI

With our use of machine learning and neural net algorithms to identify what your employees will love, behavioral changes and positive outcomes can be achieved through motivational rewards that are personally meaningful.

Invest Less, Get More?

Of Course!

CoreCentive provides transparency in our pricing model along with a recognition platform

that covers the employee engagement spectrum.

Flexible Employee Recognition & Incentive Solutions

A flexible platform solution that provides consolidation of disparate recognition programs across the enterprise.

Massive Gift & Experiences Catalog

Millions of gifts, experiences, charitable giving options, and custom merchandise programs.  Global gift redemption in over 170 countries.

Global Recognition and Incentive Platform

A single, consistent and measurable global rewards solution – that will delight your employees and drive business value.

Social Recognition

Our social wall enables the giving and receiving of positive reinforcement by peers and managers, and creates a fun and natural way to communicate in the 21st century.

Employee Benefit Program

Attract, retain, and engage your workforce through global travel discounts, merchandise discounts, gift cards and more, designed to create excitement and employee loyalty.

Data Security

We take the security of your employee data seriously. Our technology meets stringent internationally accepted best practices. We are GDPR compliant, SOC 2 Type II Security and PCI DSS SAQ-A certified.

A Comprehensive

Employee Recognition Solution

Advanced User Experience

Experience a groundbreaking transformation in the realm of reward shopping design. Our latest interface is now faster, effortlessly navigable, and exceptionally intuitive, amplifying the joy of searching and redeeming rewards. Enriched with innovative design features that redefine the shopping experience, our user interface makes it fast to breeze through the store and find exactly what you are seeking.

Personalization Through Artificial Intelligence

Fueling positive results and sparking genuine shifts in behavior relies on delivering personally impactful rewards. Our cutting-edge machine learning and neural net algorithms work tirelessly to uncover what truly excites your employees. By analyzing their search history, clicks, and redeemed rewards, our Reward AI presents a curated selection of new incentives tailored to their unique interests. The Personalized Storefront Reward AI revolutionizes the shopping experience, injecting it with irresistible engagement and gratification for your valued members.

Social Recognition

Discover the impact of our social recognition feed and create a thriving community within your organization. Our innovative social recognition technology offers an engaging reward news feed that enables your employees to effortlessly connect with their coworkers and stay up-to-date with the latest acknowledgments within the company. By promoting meaningful connections, your employees can expand their professional networks and celebrate the achievements of their colleagues together!

Employee Recognition & Rewards Programs

Customisable and scalable, our points-based program is simple to manage, with an online portal you can access anywhere, at any time. Keeping staff engaged with a corporate rewards program is easy thanks to peer to peer nominations, a social news feed and fun gamification elements. They can also set up a wishlist of rewards they want to aim for. You simply choose the performance, sales and behaviour metrics you want to monitor and reward.

Employee Service Awards

Acknowledge the dedication of your valued employees through an Employee Service Awards program. Foster enduring memories and honor their achievements by utilizing CoreCentive’s Employee Service Award module. Stay organized with timely email reminders sent to managers prior to the service date, and present certificates and awards to express gratitude and celebration for your employees’ loyalty.

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