custom employee recognition

Custom awards, branded merchandise, company stores

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What is Custom Recognition?

Simply put, CoreCentive can develop a recognition program from the ground up to fit your specific needs. Celebrate your corporate achievements and show recognition to your employees with  branded merchandise, awards and recognition items.

Creative & Relevant Merchandise

A special event or milestone occurring at your organization is a great opportunity for thoughtful employee gifts that personify your brand and what that brand stands for.


We’re in touch with current trends and work with the hottest retail and corporate brands your employees will proudly wear. A high-quality apparel item does not have to break the bank and will pay dividends to your workforce.

Swag Boxes

Make a huge welcome statement with a preconfigured box of swag. Have some branded goodies waiting for your new employees on their first day. Our swag recognition kits are customized to your preference and budget.

Inventory & Warehousing

We provide turnkey product inventory management and warehousing services if needed. Our  team securely manages your merchandise at our facility and will pick, pack and ship ordered items where and when you need it.

Global Fulfillment

Multinational organizations fear not. With experience shipping to countries worldwide, we can easily handle the fulfillment and shipping needs of our international clients.

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Company & Holiday Stores

You choose your products. We build your store and fulfill orders for a seamless shopping experience. From full-time company stores to short duration fulfillment or holiday stores, we make it easy.

Boost Your Employee Appreciation

Showing your employees that you appreciate them is one of the best ways to boost employee morale and keep them motivated. And one of the best ways to show your employees some appreciation is by using custom recognition through branded merchandise – useful and interesting gifts that your employees will love.

50% of your employees would leave your company of you didn’t thank them enough…

  • The amount of employees that do not get any form of recognition for good work 66% 66%
  • Managers that strongly agree that their company thanks their employees for good work tied to company values 28% 28%
  • Seven in 10 employees wish their employers would do more to recognize and motivate them 71% 71%

Organizations where recognition occurs have 14% better employee engagement, productivity and customer service than those without.