New Employee onboarding

Day One Recognition

A warm welcome for a new colleague on their first day will set the tone for engaging this employee and reaffirming the company’s culture.

What we do

From concept to fulfillment, our turnkey employee onboarding solution makes it easy to create that WOW! moment.

CoreCentive helps our customers make the new employee onboarding experience  memorable with unique onboarding gifts and swag that shout out WELCOME HOME!

Global Fulfillment

Multinational organizations fear not. With experience shipping to countries around the world, we easily handle international needs.

Creative & Relevant Merchandise

Welcome your new employees with unique and thoughtful gifts that personify your corporate brand and what that brand stands for.

Design Services

Whether you have your own, or need help with awesome designs, we’ve got you covered with design services….free of charge.


We’re in touch with current trends and work with the hottest retail and corporate brands that your employees will be proud to wear.

Swag Boxes

Make a huge welcome statement with a preconfigured box of swag. Have a box of goodies waiting for your new employee.

Inventory & Warehousing

Our warehouse team securely manages your swag and will pick, pack and ship your merchandise where and when you need it.

create a memorable first day

Why do the top brands in the world like, Zappos, Google, and IBM invest so much in their new employee onboarding programs? Because it pays off!  New employees become productive faster, perform better, and stick around longer. These companies, and others like them that have deployed high impact onboarding programs that start on day one.

Onboarding Gifts with impact

Just doing something, to check the box, is not enough in today’s war for talent. As an employer you have to create an impact with your onboarding gifts and day one experience. This set the tone for your corporate culture, and kicks off your ongoing employee recognition programs.

Onboarding gift image

Employee Recognition from the start

We are employee recognition and employee engagement specialists. Our focus is help our customers implement employee focused programs for the life of their employees. This should start from when the offer is accepted.
A good onboarding program should start weeks before your new hire even starts. Integrating new employees into the office before day one sets them up for success and including some free swag in that process makes them quickly feel like part of the team. A basic welcome kit combines useful information – key contacts, office rules, FAQs – with practical items like writing utensils, a water bottle, and headphones (all with the company logo, of course). But when a company goes above and beyond with their welcome kit, they’re making a new hire’s first day all the more special – and developing a committed, loyal employee from day one.
  • 88% of organizations don’t onboard well
  • Great employee onboarding can improve employee retention by 82%
  • 58% of organizations say their onboarding program is focused on processes and paperwork

Make an immediate impact with new hires
Say: “welcome home”

Talk with CoreCentive today about an employee onboarding gifting program that helps facilitate the overall success of your retention efforts.