Points Incentive Programs

Motivate and Drive Excellence


A points incentive program is not a “check-the-box” employee program. Employees want to be challenged, recognized for their efforts, and rewarded for positive contributions to your organization. This is paramount to your organization’s productivity, retention, and revenue.


The stats don’t lie, and it’s crystal clear that there is a tremendous opportunity to turn things around.

  • Percent of employees don’t feel they have sufficient opportunities for professional growth 44% 44%
  • Among all the reasons for quitting, feeling undervalued is a top reason for quitting across age and gender demographics 22% 22%
  • Close to half of employees are currently seeking new opportunities, with 74% stating they are disengaged 74% 74%

Increase Employee engagement

Points-based incentive programs motivates employees to perform specific actions that align with the company objectives and goals.


Points based programs are designed to adapt quickly to changing program objectives, company needs, and employee dynamics.

Employee Reach

On-site or off-site; domestic or international, a robust points program makes it easy to show appreciation to your employees now matter where they are.

How Do You Know If You Need a Points Incentive Program?

There are three main reasons why you need to implement or refresh your employee points incentive program, and each of these reasons are costing your organization big dollars.

More productive employees mean bigger profits for your business. Plus, employees who are continually challenged tend to get bored less and quit their jobs less often than those who aren’t. Maintaining a strong employee incentive program is an excellent long-term solution for increasing productivity, improving morale, and reducing employee turnover.

The good news is that it’s not that difficult of a task to implement an effective program that can address these issues and more.


Stagnant Productivity

Without incentives to do their job well, many employees sink to doing just enough to “just get by”. An employee incentive program provides employees with the motivation to work harder and produce more.

Turnover is High

Unhappy employees tend to look around and move on to other companies more frequently. Hiring and training are necessary but, expensive endeavors. Equally costly is the amount of intellectual capital that leaves your organization when turnover is high.

Employee Morale is Low

Employees who work hard and are never recognized for doing so is a surefire way to kill morale. If your employees start to feel like their efforts don’t matter either way, why would they bother to put in the extra work to help achieve your corporate goals?

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Custom points incentive programs that work for you

  • Drive Behaviors – Incentivize employees with reward points for their contributions that matter most to your business goals, initiatives, and values.
  • Ultimate Flexibility – Roll all your incentives and recognition initiatives into one common platform, allowing all participants to collect and redeem points for customized rewards and gifts.
  • Go Beyond Standard – Develop strong relationships throughout your workforce by implementing peer-to-peer recognition to complement a traditional manager-to-peer program. There is no limit to how creative your programs can be. 

Easy to use for administrators and users

  • Ease of Use – Our intuitive dashboard provides a budget manager and easy-to-use reporting functionality, along with built-in survey capabilities, which allows you to understand what makes your employees tick.
  • Consolidate Programs – Manage your points programs, years of service awards, birthday awards spot recognition programs, and anything else you can dream up from one central recognition portal.
  • AI Enabled – Your employees will appreciate our advanced artificial intelligent bases interface, which makes searching and redeeming easy.  Gift items are recommended based on your employees’ likes and served up through featured brands, categories, and attribute grouping.
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illustration image of gears with dollar signs conveying cost effectiveness

Cost-effective and budget friendly

  • Zero Markup – We pioneered the no-markup-on-gifts approach to recognition. Rewards without any markups increase the value of your program exponentially.
  • Global FulfillmentNo matter where your employees reside, we are likely there. In-country fulfillment reduces tax and shipping costs dramatically, giving you more.
  • Free Shipping – No surprises when your invoice arrives! We do not charge you shipping for the awards your employees choose. It’s easy to put a budget for your program together and actually not exceed it.