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The goal is beautifully simple – a great experience for your employees.

Employee Recognition Programs

The goal is beautifully simple – a great experience for your employees. If your recognition and rewards programs achieve that goal you will be successful.

The big names in this industry have been at this for decades and still have not figured this out. They speak a good game in the sale cycle but at the end of the day fail to bring anything new or innovative to the table.

Employee Recognition Programs

User Friendly Design

Designed to be easy to use, for both users and administrators

SaaS Cloud Technology

SaaS cloud-based platform, allows fast deployment of cost-effective employee recognition

Responsive Design

Fully responsive design allows users to access the platform no matter where or what device they are using

A platform is only as good as the tools it provides to help you get the job done. Completely customizable with the ability to scale up or down based on your organization’s initiatives, our platform makes it very easy to manage programs over the entire organization, while providing a simple online portal accessible via whatever device you choose. 

Features that provide you the ability to implement, deploy, communicate and track are critical in developing a culture of recognition within your organization.

Global Employee Recognition

Social Recognition

We all know that social communication is here to stay.  Our solution allows employees to be kept up to date on who is being recognized for their achievements in the organization through the rewards news stream.  This not only allows employees to celebrate their peers successes, but also motivates them to perform and be recognized themselves.
Global Employee Recognition

Nomination Wizard

Creating a culture of recognition is not as easy as waving a wand, especially if you do not have the tools to empower employees and managers to be part of the process.  Our nomination wizard makes it easy to engage employees by empowering them to nominate others.  Nominations can be automatically approved or be sent to the nominee’s manager for approval.
Global Employee Recognition

Business Intelligence

What makes your employees and partners tick?  Ask them through our survey tool.  Find out what they are thinking and gain valuable insight that can be turned in to ideas that ultimately drive change.
Global Employee Recognition

Badges & Trophys

People need “meaning” at work. Not all motivation comes via offering merchandise or cash. Simple gamification highlights the achievements of your employees by rewarding them with a virtual badges or trophies. You can tailor the badges and trophies to suit your needs, from issuing points to rewarding them with a token. Make their achievement stand out to their peers, in a fun and exciting way.
Global Employee Recognition

Global Rewards Gallery

Our memorable rewards offering is global, with reach to over 150 countries. Each reward is locally sourced, shipped, handled and delivered to the employee’s doorstep or office within 10 working days. With access to hundreds of suppliers globally, our global rewards are up-to-date, affordable and culturally relevant, meaning that there is something for everyone.
Global Employee Recognition


Reports – Easy!  How does that sound?  Whether it be a report on how many people are engaged in a program to how many awards have been issued per manager or department, it only takes three-clicks. These easy to read reports can be downloaded in PDF and Excel formats and show ROI and engagement.
Global Employee Recognition

Recognition Science

Create healthy competition through leaderboards, and track metrics for the things that drive your business. Rules that you develop track selling trends, customer service initiatives, patient satisfaction scores and anything else that is important to your business.  All of this information can be converted into leaderboards that motivate your employees.
Global Employee Recognition

Communication Center

In any successful recognition program, effective communications to employees and partners is at the center.  People have to know how they can perform and exceed expectations – and get rewarded for it.  Our communication center allows you to communicate with your audience and let them know about programs and initiatives that better them and the organization.
Global Employee Recognition

Budget Integrity

Controlling budgets is critical to running a profitable business.  Our feature rich budget manager ensures that your recognition dollars are spent in a way that provides a return on your investment.  You control and assign budgets on a departmental or manager level and can track the spending habits of your departments and managers.
Employee Recognition
Service Award Programs

service anniversary years cAnniversaries Programs that Prove you Care

With over 40 years of recognition experience we have learned one very import fact – Recognize employees with merchandise choices that they want, not what your vendor wants to put in a program.  With millions of gift choices, your employees will clearly see that you care about them by giving them the opportunity to celebrate their anniversary with something that will be meaningful to them.Link text

Strategic Performance Recognition

moving the middleStrategic Performance Recognition that Moves the Middle

If you want to move your performance results, move the middle, not the top or bottom performers. The middle performers in a company are ripe for moving to top-performers, but you have to reach them.  Implementing strategic recognition programs focusing on the desired behaviors and how those behaviors matter to the organization as a whole.  We make this task easy.

Custom Recognition Programs

Custom RecognitionLike Employees, No Two Companies are the Same

Sometimes you just need something unique. CoreCentive can deliver.  We can customize your recognition solution to fit your unique needs and demographics. From branding merchandise with your logo to customized presentation kits, we will do whatever it takes to WOW your employees with a personalized gift to mark their achievements.

Points Based Solutions

Points baseed Recognition SolutionsThere is no One Simple Solution, Only the Right Solution

At CoreCentive, we take the time to learn about your organization, then develop unique workforce solutions designed to meet your specific goals and objectives.

Our platform will allow you to easily award points for adherence to corporate values, performance-based initiatives, safety programs, length of service, sales incentives, peer to peer and manager to peer recognition, health and wellness goals…and whatever else can help move the needle.

Safety Incentive Programs

Safety RecognitionRecognize Safe Behaviors in Real-time

Keeping employees engaged in a safety program is the key ingredient to seeing positive results. With CoreCentive, doing so is easy thanks to peer-to-peer nominations, a social news feed and fun gamification elements which continually provide positive reinforcement and drive the desired behaviors.

Catching employees doing something right, and empowering peers and managers to recognize safe acts as they occur, reinforces the culture of safety your company is striving for while rewarding the employee at the time of occurrence.  That’ powerful!

Channel Partner Incentive Programs

Channel Partner Programs

Motivate & Strengthen your Channel Partner Relationships

Whether you are looking to boost brand awareness, or reward positive behaviors, your program will drive bottom-line performance, strengthen and secure channel partner relationships and will give your business a clear advantage amongst your competitors.

Fresh Thinking

We are never satisfied with the status quo

Relentless Execution

We believe execution means handling the day-to-day with minimal friction and going the extra mile

Our Platform Works

Our technology platform works – exceptionally well

Global Capabilities

Global footprint. Global suppliers. Global rewards. Local touch.

We Started a Revolution

This industry needed a revolution – & CoreCentive is leading the way

Building a Culture of Recognition

Building a culture of recognition requires expertise, fresh thinking and a collaborative approach

What We Do

Service Award Programs

Years of Service Award programs that make employees proud

Points Based Programs

Points Based programs that motivate and drive desired behaviors

Performance Based Programs

Performance Based programs that makes your review process relevant to your managers, employees & business

Sales Incentives & Channel Incentives

Strengthen your channel relationships and better engage your partners

Safety Incentive Programs

Safety Incentive programs that help create a culture of safe behaviors

Custom Recognition Strategies

Custom Recognition Strategies – Leverage our expertise to design and customize targeted programs


CoreCentive is a global employee recognition and incentive company. We offer comprehensive and scalable recognition and incentive solutions to companies who are looking  to drive engagement with their employees and business partners, domestically and across the globe.

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