Employee Recognition Platform

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Global Employee Rewards Catalog

Access a massive rewards catalog

Our memorable rewards offering is global, with reach to over 150 countries. Each reward is locally sourced, shipped, handled and delivered to the employee’s doorstep or office within 10 working days. With access to hundreds of suppliers globally, our global rewards are up-to-date, affordable and culturally relevant, meaning that there is something for everyone. At any one time, our global rewards offering exceeds the millions, from the latest in electronic goods, to household appliances, sporting goods, event tickets and our global vacations and travel section, where members can book flights, cruises and accommodation.  Employees love the ability to have access to literally spend their points on anything. 

Years of Service

Make your employee milestone years memorable

Create lasting memories by recognizing employees on their employee anniversary milestones with a formal recognition program. Couple the gift reward or points reward with a personal celebration between the employee and their manager and team to make their special day a celebration everyone can take part in.

Birthday Celebrations

Celebrate your employee’s birthday

The days of forgetting an employee’s birthday are over. Whether your employee likes to celebrate a birthday loudly or quietly, no one likes to be forgotten on their special day.  Make your employees feel special  with a system generated birthday card and give your managers the ability to never forget their employees birthdays again.

Experiential Rewards

When a gift item is not enough

Give your employees access to a vast array of once in a lifetime experiences that create lasting memories and strengthen your relationships. From Ice Car Driving in Northern Europe to hanging out with the Whos-Who of Hollywood, we specialize in creating memories.

Spot Recognition

Show instant gratitude on the spot

Instant recognition cards loaded with points are a great way to catch someone “in the act” displaying desired behaviors. Your employees will enjoy the instant gratification of being rewarded for living corporate values, going over and above or rewarding their peers that they see doing the right thing.

Shopping With Artificial Intelligence

Cutting Edge Personalized Shopping

Inspiring positive outcomes and creating true behavior change requires motivational rewards that are personally meaningful. Through the Personalized Storefront Reward AI we use machine learning and neural net algorithms to find what your employees will love. Enriched by patterns of the rewards a member has searched, clicked, or redeemed for, our Reward AI suggests new rewards that match their interests.  truly personalizes the shopping experience, making it more engaging and rewarding for your members.