What Does “Better” Mean to You?
Service Awards

If you are reading this, it’s likely you are looking for a better service awards program. You’ve learned the hard lessons of working with one of the big name vendors who made big promises but delivered small results.

A service award recognizes and rewards an employee for their loyalty to your organization.  Traditionally, service awards were awarded starting at 5 years of service, and every 5 years thereafter.  Today, we are starting to see a shift to formal recognition taking place starting at 3 years, and in some cases, 1 year.  During these early years of recognition, it is imperative to let younger employees know that we value you now, and want to say thank you early and often.  A service award allows an organization to formally and publicly thank an employee for their loyalty early on in the relationship which will pay dividends in higher employee retention rates. 

Before we discuss our outstanding technology (it is the best), and our incredible gift selection (also the best), we have one simple question – what does better mean to you?  The reason we ask is that if we are able to align our technology and services to your goals, we have the foundation for a great relationship.

One other thing, CoreCentive does not markup our rewards.  Instead, we provide your employees with the perceived gift value that you expect!  We allow you to stretch your service awards budget to the max.  Your employees The industry average markup for service award gift merchandise is between 50% and 150%.  That’s not fair!!! 

It’s another one of our crazy, revolutionary ideas.


Perfect solution for domestic U.S. only service awards. Thousands upon thousands of award choices with multiple ways to touch and impact the employee. Built in responsive design to work on any device and create a lasting and memorable service recognition experience. CoreCentive has the ability to build custom levels by milestone based on any budget.


When tasked with providing Service Awards around the globe, Enterprise is your solution.  Enterprise is a SaaS based, multilingual solution with in country award delivery in over 100+ countries.  Culturally appropriate awards and brands that your employees expect in different parts of the world.  Whether it is merchandise, a digital download, a book, game, mobile top off, event tickets, travel or many other categories, We’ve got you covered!


When offering a service award program, if you do not incorporate employee touches and some type of meaningful presentation, research shows you are losing anywhere between 50% to 100% of the anticipated ROI.  An employees anniversary is their corporate birthday. Celebrate the event in the same fashion. There are multiple ways to achieve this goal and no one solution fits every company.  Don’t worry, we will make you look like a Hero!

Program Management

If you are going to have a service award program, you should have to do as little as possible… Supply us your employee service anniversary dates or data and pay your bills!  That might sound too good to be true, but unfortunately today, you’re doing way too much. Our experienced team makes it easy for you.

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