Why Presentation and Communication are so Important in Employee Recognition

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Keeping your employees engaged can sometimes feel like an uphill battle. It is a delicate balance to keep employees feeling valued. Most companies focus on compensation as a major factor in acquiring and retaining talent. It goes beyond that, however. Presentation and Communication in Employee Recognition can make a difference.

Compensation is not always the number one reason why an employee will decide to grow with your company. Sure, it is a factor, but as we all know, there is a ceiling of what a company can pay its employees.

As we begin to examine other factors that influence employee’s decision to grow within or jump ship to another company – we will look at the small gestures of gratitude you can take to increase your employee satisfaction. As reported by Wrike:

Disengaged employees reported that their top reasons for being disengaged included feeling unrecognized (45%), being underpaid (32%), and being burnt out because they were overworked (29%).

Recognition is a large factor in showing gratitude to your employees. If done correctly, you can increase your engagement scores without breaking the bank. Presentation pieces and logo items are an excellent way to show gratitude. Traditionally, presentation pieces have been included in Service Anniversary Programs.

We know through decades of experience; the presentation aspect works effectively. This is the standard use for a presentation piece – Service Anniversary Awards. But that is just one example of how presentation pieces and logo items can be used to create and drive engagement. There are many ways to drive engagement with the use of these items – all without breaking your budget. Any investment you make in presentation and communication in Employee Recognition will help to show you ROI.

Employees agreed that greater recognition for accomplishments (30%) and higher compensation or a better job title (42%) would make them more engaged. (Wrike) With recognition increasing how employees work and strive for excellence, small points of gratitude help companies increase their overall employee engagement.

No matter what your recognition budget, these small gestures of gratitude can be achieved with presentation pieces and logo items. You are creating an experience, not just employee engagement and the experience will be what drives your employees more times than not.

Learn how to increase employee engagement with small gestures of gratitude to achieve company goals, without needing to significantly increase your overall budget.

Why Presentation should be used more often

Engaged employees are rare. Gallup’s most recent global research finds only 15% of employees worldwide are engaged at work. According to the latest State of the American Workplace report, just 33% of employed residents in the U.S. are engaged at work.

With presentation and communication in employee Recognition, it pays to get back to the basics. Presentation pieces are not a new discovery. In fact, they have been a staple of Service Anniversary Programs for years. It has been an effective way to recognize employees on their milestone date. But why stop there? Why not use presentation pieces and logo items in other forms of engagement, aka gratitude – especially if your budgets do not permit additional enhancements to your award platform.

Using presentation pieces allows you to show gratitude to your employees with minimal costs and allows you to engage ALL your employees, not just your top performers. Since there are endless possibilities, you can craft the perfect presentation piece for your specific needs – while driving engagement, social recognition and manager recognition.

76% of employees say their manager creates the culture at work and 58% said they have left a job because of their manager (SHRM)

By including your managers in the day to day recognition and engagement of their employees, it is likely your employees will feel much more positive about their positions and future within your company. Simple acts of gratitude will help your employees feel more engaged and increase the chances they will make a long-term commitment in staying.

That should be Priority #1 – retain and foster your employees. The alternative is consistent turnover – which is a costly problem. Not only do you lose the intellectual intelligence and money grooming the employee, but you also have increased costs to hire their replacement. You can minimize this from happening by creating an experience through presentation.

Employee engagement has become a top priority for the following reasons:

– Employee engagement increases productivity in the workplace. Engaged employees outperform their peers that are not engaged. Overall, companies with high employee engagement are 21% more profitable.

– Employee engagement improves morale in the workplace.

– Employee engagement aids in reducing absenteeism. A Gallup study shows that highly engaged workplaces saw 41% lower absenteeism.

– Low employee engagement is a costly problem! It costs businesses $4,129 on average to hire new talent and around $986 to onboard the new hire. It costs your company on average, $5,000 per employee. That dollar value does not even consider the loss of intellectual knowledge from an experienced employee. The loss of their intellectual knowledge is priceless and cannot be quantified.

To summarize, with the challenges to retain your talent, simple acts of gratitude will in fact help your employees feel more engaged and increase the chances they will make a commitment to staying with your company. By spending a little, the gain is A LOT!

Building a culture of gratitude

Building a culture of gratitude is simple if you follow the steps. It is important to plan appropriately. Craft the program specifics. Work with your partner to create the ideal presentation or logo item for the event. With endless options, you and your engagement partner can customize options to fit within any budget. Communicate what an employee will receive and details of the program.

A good example: Perhaps you have decided to provide your employees a company logo lunch tote & tumbler for their participation in Safety Week. Or maybe for those in healthcare, during Hospital Week, each employee receives a logo’ d fleece as a way of showing gratitude. The possibilities are endless.

How communication plays an important role

– Drives culture

– Manager engagement with employees

– Increases morale

– Increases teamwork

– Increase innovative ideas

– Decreases attrition

– Increases employee tenure

– Encourages inclusion with gratitude

– Increases employee sense of value

Impact of NOT using Presentation & Logo Items

By not including these small gestures of engagement, companies run the risk of their employees feeling undervalued and unappreciated. By not building an atmosphere of engagement, employees run the risk of:

– Remote staff has a higher risk of feeling isolated.

– Turnover is at a higher rate – increased attrition.

– Productivity may suffer as a result.

– Difficulty maintaining and acquiring talent

– Increased absenteeism

– Disconnect of team

– Missed opportunity to create an employee experience

Practical uses for presentation pieces & logo items

If Service Anniversary Awards are the standard use for presentation pieces, let us look at some of the many other ways your company can harness the positive, low-cost effects of using this type of gratitude. The truth of it, recognition should not cost an arm and a leg. Companies of all sizes and varying budgets can achieve their goals using this type of recognition. Our top 20 list includes the following events/programs:

1. Service Awards

2. Onboarding

3. Retirement

4. Safety Week

5. Sales Awards & Contests

6. Leader & Employee of the Month

7. Customer Service

8. Above & Beyond

9. Spot

10. Birthday

11. Hospital Week

12. Nurse’s Week

13. Admin Appreciation

14. Holiday

15. Company Anniversary

16. Training

17. Special Events / Conferences

18. Customer Appreciation

19. Trade Shows

20. For Institutions – End of Year Events

In Summary

Employee engagement is a top factor in retaining and acquiring talent. If done correctly, incorporating presentation and communication in employee recognition will yield great benefits without breaking your budget. Although the use of presentation pieces has traditionally been used in Service Anniversary Programs, it is a very effective & cost-efficient way to show gratitude & keep your employees motivated. With all the opportunities throughout the year, keeping your employees engaged is easier now than ever, if done correctly.

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