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How Have Sales Incentive Programs Changed for the Better?

The primary purpose and value of sales incentive programs have remained relatively constant since the beginning. These programs are used to encourage and reward more significant efforts aligned with sales and productivity goals. But technology has changed HOW these...

Is fear of change keeping you with a so-so sales incentive resource?

Is fear of change keeping you with a so-so sales incentive resource?  We have all been there. If you have spent more than a few years in business using outside resources, then you have been there.  You have a resource or supplier of some service that your company has...

Establishing Trust in Channel Sales Partnerships

The bedrock of any long-term relationship is based on the notion of trust. Imagine if the bond of trust was absence between a parent and a child, or you and your doctor. It just would not work. The same applies to vendors and resellers. Building trust with an...


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