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National Freight Industries Use Case

The Challenge

Some organizations don’t put much thought into their program to recognize employees. They are content to turn it over to one of the “big name” vendors and forget about it.  Set it and forget it.

Not NFI Industries. They set big goals – driver retention, improve safety, recognize “above and beyond” performance – and partnered with CoreCentive to develop a plan to achieve these goals.

The Solution

The company started with a program to recognize employees for their tenure. Quickly, NFI looked to do more.

“CoreCentive acted as that partner to identify how to take this to the next level, ” said Nancy Stefanowitz, Senior Vice President Human Resources, NFI Industries.

In addition to recognizing employee tenure, NFI today offers programs for safety, “above and beyond” performance, referrals and employee of the month.

“CoreCentive is always there and ready to do whatever it takes. They are very flexible and actually have a program to recognize employees that works. It’s a program we can customize to make sure it is right for NFI and right for our employees.”

Employee Service Award Program

Gratitude Works - Spot Recognition Program


Employee ROI

Week Implementation

Recognition Events

Amazing Result


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