Johns Hopkins University Case Study

The Challenge

Johns Hopkins University’s employee service award program was stale. This was according to feedback received from anniversary recipients. The program needed to be spruced up.

When the Director of Work Life engaged CoreCentive, he knew he had to address the feedback from employees that was centered around the quality of the recipient gifts associated with the program and the ballooning overall cost of the program.

He said: “We wanted to maintain the integrity of the program structure and continue to provide Johns Hopkins branded gift choices for our awardees, but we had to address the perceived low quality of merchandise based on the feedback we had received. In addition, the symbolic anniversary year pins that we give to our employees had also increased in cost so dramatically that we are considering dropping the pin program altogether.”

The Solution: Our Recognition Program

Johns Hopkins was working with a local promotional product distributor that did not understand how to support them with an overall recognition strategy. CoreCentive was selected to revamp its service award program and also bring knowledge to the table for the implementation of best practices in making the anniversary a more personalized event for its employees.

Our solution was to continue the use of a custom employee service award solution through the use of Johns Hopkins branded merchandise, primarily because this is what their employees wanted. This solution requires merchandise to be secured in advance due to the branding component on the merchandise. CoreCentive offers fulfillment, warehousing, and distribution solutions, so this was right up our alley.

By gaining insight into the demographics of the workforce and working with JHU, we were able to easily identify high-perceived-value merchandise for inclusion into the program without increasing their budget allocation.  In addition, CoreCentive produced the pins for the program at a cost that saved JHU over 40%! 

The feedback from the employees and stakeholders at Johns Hopkins was immediate and extremely positive. For us, revamping the program was not a big challenge, as it is what we do every day. By learning about the culture and listening to the employee feedback, JHU and CoreCentive developed a true partnership that still thrives today.


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