Hudson Group Case Study

The Challenge

Hudson News was experiencing an extremely high rate of turnover – higher than the retail average. Working in an airport is not easy. Nobody likes going through airport security checks. Imagine having to do it to get to your job.

When Senior Vice President of People and Administration, Rick Yockelson, started at Hudson News, he knew he had to take on this turnover issue and move the culture to one that was more service oriented.

Rick said: “We wanted to reduce our turnover and we felt a very good way to do that would be to recognize our employees in a way that they know we appreciate them and their efforts and rewarded the same.”

The Solution: Our Recognition Program

Hudson News selected one of the big name recognition providers to get their program started, but made the switch to CoreCentive.

Here’s how Rick tells the story:

“The program was going OK, but I received a call  from CoreCentive and they said they could save us a lot of money on the gifts we offer in our recognition program. I wasn’t aware of the markup my current vendor placed on our products – it was around 40%!

So CoreCentive showed me we could get a $100 gift for $100 dollars with their company. It wasn’t that we were only saving money. It meant that employees would be getting much better gifts. They would get a hundred dollar gift for 5 years of service – not a sixty-dollar gift.

So that’s how it all began with CoreCentive. We were impressed with the technology that CoreCentive offered, and we liked the CoreCentive’s presentation better than Tanner’s. When I showed the presentation box from CoreCentive to my CEO he said ‘This is really nice” and I said this is the company we are switching to. That eliminated any doubts.”

Employee Service Award Program

Employee Holiday Program

Employee On-Boarding Program


Program Savings

Week Implementation

Recognition Moments

Amazing Result