Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center

The Challenge

Develop a comprehensive points-based recognition program to drive employee engagement.  Linking employee recognition programs to an overall talent management strategy can be an elusive goal. Ultimately, success is achieved when you impact employee behavior.

The overall goal was to increase customer service and employee engagement.  Gulf Coast wanted a way to quickly recognize and reward the behaviors that we want to see employees exhibiting. Very simply, if an employee is providing good customer service they want to recognize them so they will want to do it again.


The Solution

Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center found success by partnering with CoreCentive and leveraging the CoreCentive platform.

GCRBC uses a point-based system that rewards employees for hitting goals, going above and beyond, peer-to-peer nominations and other company specific criteria.

“After we compared CoreCentive to what we could get from our current vendor we knew CoreCentive was a better choice from a financial perspective and for the services we would receive from. It gave us the recognition capabilities we needed and a better reward selection. It was a win/win”

Since going live on the CoreCentive platform, Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center has seen an improvement in customer service and employee engagement.

“People love the peer to peer program, they like the opportunity to say thank you to a co worker. It really keeps the employees engaged.”

Employee Service Award Program

Above & Beyond Recognition Program

Peer-to-Peer Recognition Program


Increased EE Engagement

Week Implementation

Gift Options

Amazing Result