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Evergrow Recognition – Empowers your employees to change the world

 What is


The Evergrow recognition platform helps companies thrive by empowering their people to change the world. Evergrow is a revolutionary AI-powered personalized employee engagement platform that recognizes employee’s best work with the world’s coolest rewards. Evergrow also helps work environments transform the global environment by funding native tree planting with every employee recognition action.



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Your Employees

Regardless of size, companies need happy, passionate, healthy and productive employees to meet the challenges of the 21st Century

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Inspire and Reward

Your employees want to be inspired to take action, and rewarded for the actions that move the company forward


Climate Action

Our planet needs specific and deliberate actions to offset carbon emissions and replenish clean air to the atmosphere 

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Patchwork of apps

Over time businesses continue to add to their employee facing apps resulting in increased costs and disconnected apps

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Evergrow recognition inspires employees to do great work that creates great change

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At the Core of Evergrow is a Powerful Employee Recognition Platform

Evergrow recognition ignites the power of one-click performance recognition across your organization. Members can instantly recognize a colleague’s great work, birthdays or tenure, with public awards, badges and Evergrow points. And by directly connecting member activity to climate action, we’re making motivation meaningful.


Mark your employee’s loyalty and commitment on their hiring anniversary with a unique annual Evergrow award. Employees want choice so give them what they want. Merchandise, charitable donations, experiences.

Peer Awards

Recognize a colleague’s great work by awarding them Evergrow points. Encourage employees to recognize their teammates, or peers, for demonstrating behaviors that are in alignment with the organization’s objectives.


Stay healthy, earn Evergrow points and trees when you reach monthly activity targets or participate in team or company wellness challenges. A healthy employee is a productive employee. Create a culture of wellness.


Motivate your teams to achieve sales targets and other mission critical KPIs with goal tracking and performance rewards. A well designed points-based incentive program is the perfect vehicle to increase employee recognition and engagement.



Some of the greatest ideas and valuable feedback come directly from your employees. Evergrow points and trees can be earned by employees providing these helpful opinions and ideas directly through the Evergrow platform, furthering employee engagement.


Celebrate every employee’s birthday with Evergrow awards, points, and yes, trees. A great opportunity to put an employee in the limelight for their day. Award points, or just a social mention on Evergrow. The idea of remembering them will go far. 

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