Challenging The Status Quo

Our technology platforms work – exceptionally.

Our employee recognition program: works!

It Works

Our technology platforms work – exceptionally!  Our customer service department works – tirelessly.  When we set up an employee recognition program for a customer – it works.

The reason it works is because we are never satisfied with the status quo. We constantly push ourselves – and our customers to drive more value from their recognition programs. It’s great for our customers, and it’s also great for us. We have the highest customer retention rate in the industry.

Revolutionary idea, isn’t it? Buying a service that actually works.

Are you ready to join the Revolution?


CoreCentive is always there and ready to do whatever it takes. They are very flexible and actually have a program that works. It’s a program we can customize to make sure it is right for NFI and right for our employees.

NFI Industries

V.P. Human Resources, NFI Industries

Our Services
Point Based Recognition
Proven to boost business performance.

Why We're Different

Fresh Thinking

We are never satisfied with the status quo

Relentless Execution

We believe execution means handling the day-to-day with minimal friction and going the extra mile

Our Platform Works

Our technology platform works – exceptionally well

Global Capabilities

Global footprint. Global suppliers. Global rewards. Local touch.

We Started a Revolution

This industry needed a revolution – & CoreCentive is leading the way

Building a Culture of Recognition

Building a culture of recognition requires expertise, fresh thinking and a collaborative approach

What We Do

Service Award Programs

Years of Service Award programs that make employees proud

Points Based Programs

Points Based programs that motivate and drive desired behaviors

Performance Based Programs

Performance Based programs that makes your review process relevant to your managers, employees & business

Safety Incentive Programs

Safety Incentive programs that help create a culture of safe behaviors

Custom Recognition Strategies

Custom Recognition Strategies – Leverage our expertise to design and customize targeted programs

Channel Incentive Programs

Strengthen your channel relationships and better engage your partners

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