employee empowerment
How Employee Empowerment Changes Company Culture At some point, every firm needs to carry out a broad shift in company culture. It could be due to poor financial performance, a recent acquisition or efforts to recruit a more diverse pool of candidates. Whatever the reason, a plan to change
global recognition
Delivering Thanks – Globally: Global Recognition Programs With CoreCentive In the modern economic world, it is essential to make sure your employees feel like they are part of a family – not just cogs in a big, soulless machine. A global recognition program can be the answer. These days, making
reward your employees
7 Creative Ways to Reward Your Employees Disengaged employees can cost your company a lot. In fact, studies show that 67% of employees are not engaged at work, and this can result in $7 trillion in lost productivity globally each year. If you want your employees to stay engaged
employee loyalty
15 Effective Ways to Engage Employees and Increase Employee Loyalty According to a recent study, 81 percent of workers are willing to leave their current position for the right job offer.  Clearly employee loyalty is suffering. This is a staggering statistic that employers cannot ignore, especially considering the average
employee recognition ideas
5 Employee Recognition Ideas That Don’t Cost a Penny People like to feel that they are valued and one way employees feel that way is by being recognized for their efforts and work. Employee recognition initiatives are a perfect avenue to make sure that your workers are valued, which increases
Sales Incentive Program
How to Develop the Right Sales Incentives Program for Your Team When you work in sales, you know that consistent, hard work from every team member is crucial. Being able to regularly convert leads into paying customers is the difference between a company that succeeds (and thrives), or one that
How Employee Recognition and Incentives
How Employee Recognition and Incentives Increase Sales In the past, most employees showed up, did what they were told, and worked at their jobs with a sense of loyalty. However, with the changing landscape of the workforce – what keeps employees engaged, creates a sense of loyalty, and drives sales?
top sales performers
But my people love that trip! Before anyone runs off in the wrong direction on this subject, I’m sure there are hundreds of programs out there featuring truly fantastic travel events for top performers and for those who make the trip, it’s a memory for a lifetime and they are
We have all been there If you have spent more than a few years in business using outside resources, then you have been there.  You have a resource or supplier of some service that your company has just stuck with for years.   And even though there are issues or problems
employee loyalty
Top 5 Management Techniques for Increasing Long-Term Employee Loyalty The expenses associated with losing a staff member extend far beyond conducting a talent search. While the direct costs average approximately 20 percent of an employee’s annual salary, indirect costs drive that number higher. Lost productivity, diminished team
3 Reasons Why Employee Recognition Will Always Matter by FORBES MAGAZINE on 17 NOVEMBER 2017 · By William Craig Do you know
What’s wrong with Employee Recognition? Just like every other staid and establish industry or business model, employee recognition is ripe for disruption. It happened with books, search, and every other industry you can think of.  The employee recognition industry is a $46 billion industry where everyone throws around buzzwords like
social mindset
Social mindset means everyone can see and feel his or her individual value, making for more engagement.   Read More Here:  4 Ways to Use a ‘Social Mindset’ and Boost Employee Engagement
In boxing it’s always the punch you don’t see coming that knocks you down. The punch you weren’t expecting, the punch you never thought would hit you. The employee recognition industry has been around for decades. It used to be pretty simple. An employee reaches a milestone – like a
building champions
According to Modern Survey’s Spring 2013 Engagement survey, employee engagement among US Workers rose this spring to 32 percent, up four points from last fall and the highest level in six years that the study has been conducted. At the same time, the percentage of fully engaged employees fell to