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For years, cookie cutter vendors offering cookie cutter solutions have dominated the employee recognition industry. The vendors look the same, act the same, use the same industry buzzwords and offer the same stale excuses for poor results and non-existent customer service.

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Philly Shipyard
Dow Jones
Meridian Health
Widener University
Zodiac Aerospace
Brandywine Realty Trust
Ultimate Software
TMS International
Gulf Coast Regional Blood Ctr.
Warner Music
Johns Hopkins University
B & G Foods
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Duff & Phelps
Sunrise Medical
Hunt Regional
Burrelles Luce
Beebe Healthcare


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The Punch

In boxing it’s always the punch you don’t see coming that knocks you down. The punch you weren’t expecting, the punch you never thought would hit you. The employee recognition industry has been around for decades. It used to be pretty simple. An employee reaches a...

Haters Gonna Hate

If you’re in HR you see numbers and statistics like this every day: 48% of employees don’t like their jobs 80% of workers in the US feel stressed at the office Only 30% are “engaged and inspired” in their careers About 1 in 5 employees are actively disengaged at work...

The Six Primary Drivers Of Engagement

According to Modern Survey's Spring 2013 Engagement survey, employee engagement among US Workers rose this spring to 32 percent, up four points from last fall and the highest level in six years that the study has been conducted. At the same time, the percentage of...

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