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4 Components of an Effective Recognition Program

There are 4 Common Sense Components to any Recognition Program. CoreCentive’s Gary Roberts explains…

Nancy Stefanowicz, NFI Industries, on Partnering with CoreCentive

Nancy discusses the pivotal role that CoreCentive has played in helping her create and manage a robust and effective recognition strategy.

100% Transparent - 100% Value. The CoreCentive Way

Learn how our transparent solutions can make an immediate impact on ROI, your organization, and your employees

The Importance of Presentation in Recognizing your Employees

The actual physical act of the presentation employed when recognizing an employee for their achievement is even more important than the gift itself.

CoreCentive - Challenging the Status Quo

A quick 60-second video that will demonstrate how we are different, why we are leading the change in how recognition is done, and for the benefit of your employees, why you need to make a change.

Nancy Stefanowicz - NFI Logistics & Employee Retention Challenges


Nancy discusses the importance of a multi-faceted approach to recognizing employees, especially drivers, in the race for talent in the transportation and logistics industry.


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