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The Revolution Has Begun
It was only a matter of time. For years, cookie cutter vendors offering cookie cutter solutions have dominated the recognition industry. The vendors look the same, act the same, use the same industry buzzwords and offer the same stale excuses for poor results and non-existent customer service.

This industry needed a revolution – and CoreCentive is leading the way.

CoreCentive started with blank sheet of paper and a goal to make recognition an invaluable tool for rewarding, motivating and exciting employees. That’s what we set out to do, and that’s exactly what we did.

So far over 200 companies have joined our revolution.  Are you ready for our innovative employee recognition ideas?

Innovation Means More Than Technology
We are living in a golden age for HR technology. Today, we are working on mobile devices in ways that were unthinkable 10 years ago.

Our ability to connect, collaborate and communicate in meaningful ways has never been greater.

For most vendors innovation means offering a mobile platform or social recognition capabilities. Not CoreCentive – we look at innovation differently.

We believe innovation occurs when you have the expertise to effectively apply technology to the specific business objectives to achieve the defined and measurable outcomes.

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They're Just Not That Into You
They’re Just Not That Into You
Set it and forget it. That’s what most recognition vendors want you to do. Set up your program in the same cookie cutter way as all their other customers so they can provide everyone with the same cookie cutter service. It’s great for your vendor because it allows them to scale. It’s not so great for you if you want more than cookie cutter results from your recognition program.

At CoreCentive, we look at customer service differently. There are many moving parts to a high performing employee recognition program: technology, strategy, metrics, fulfillment etc. For us, customer service means executing every day to ensure these moving parts work seamlessly and according to the design of each individual customer.

We will know you. You will know us. And together we will ensure you receive the most value from your employee recognition program.


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