A Refresher on the Basics of Employee Engagement and Recognition

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Employee Engagement and Recognition
HR Technologies just posted an article that, for some may seem fairly basic. But I think that’s just the point. Sometimes we need a reminder of WHY we believe so strongly in employee engagement and recognition. From the article, there is a very straightforward statement that should be at the heart of the plan and purpose of any employee-facing programs.

“Your employees are not just the assets of your company; they are the main contributors to business production. A motivated employee can amplify the capability of the organization to achieve its goals and objectives.”

All too often, these programs are the last item on the budget list. In essence, this is what gets funded after everything else is taken care of, so it’s not hard to guess how many of these employee recognition programs are underfunded or even forgotten. So is there a sound ROI model to justify moving them up on the priority list? There sure is! The article goes on to say:

“…improvement of employee attitudes by 5%, customer satisfaction jumped to 1.3%, and the profits increased by 5%.”

If you are doing the math in your head now regarding what 5% more profit could do for your organization, then that should result in taking a fresh look at employee recognition and rewards for your most valuable asset.

In the current climate, for those organizations and companies fortunate enough to still be working, teams are under tremendous stress. For those employees furloughed or laid off temporarily, the weight is multiplied. When business doors open again, and they will, make sure your recognition and engagement tell them just how important they are to the success of your organization. Do that, and watch them move mountains to rebuild their lives, your company, and this country, together.