According to Modern Survey’s Spring 2013 Engagement survey, employee engagement among US Workers rose this spring to 32 percent, up four points from last fall and the highest level in six years that the study has been conducted.

At the same time, the percentage of fully engaged employees fell to 10 percent, down three points from last fall.

The National Employee Engagement Study has identified six primary drivers of engagement, which I thought were valuable to share with you.

1.  Confidence in senior management

2.  A belief there is opportunity for personal growth and development

3.  A sense of personal accomplishment from their work

4.  Confidence in the future of the organization

5.  A belief that the company’s value guide its behavior

6.  Getting helpful feedback from managers

“Organizations that are trying to improve engagement need to fully understand these drivers and train leaders how to leverage them,” says Don MacPherson, co-founder and president of Modern Survey.