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Branded Merchandise Programs

When you want to build your brand and maximize savings.  When product selection and control of your brand identity are important - there's CoreCentive's Branded Merchandise Programs.

When marketing branded merchandise to employees, customers, and prospects, the challenge is always the same.  Finding those "must have" items to include that will generate excitement, loyalty and value to your brand.  It can drain you of valuable time and energy, cause undo stress and prove costly if you don't choose wisely.

That's where we come in.  Through our Branded Merchandise Programs, you can incorporate as many of your favorite CoreCentive items into your print or online catalogs as you would like.  It's easy.  We'll help you pick out the perfect products, cross-merchandise across product categories, to bring your brand to life.

  • Program Inventory – Our program inventory ensures we will have inventory of your selected product. In the unlikely event that inventory issues do arise, we will find a suitable replacement for your product.
  • Guaranteed Pricing – All pricing (excluding memory) is guaranteed not to change for the entire period of a catalog program (up to 12 months).
  • Less Overhead – With quick turnaround times, you don’t have to warehouse product, saving you inventory costs and space.
  • Low Minimums
  • Product Variety – With numerous product categories and a variety of branded collections, our merchandising experts can help you identify a popular group of products that complement each other.
  • Merchandising Expertise – Our expert merchandisers are dedicated to helping you develop your programs. Leverage their experience and expertise.
  • Getting Started – We will produce half the standard minimum with no additional charges.
  • Free Multiple Product Packaging – At no additional cost, CoreCentive will package multiple products together. For example, we’ll insert pens into pen loops, sport bottles into pockets, or watches into drinkware. So orders arrive ready to go. One purchase order, one invoice, and one freight bill.
  • Free Set-ups – Receive one free set-up for each item placed in the program. Just another way to increase your savings.
  • Continuity – Our commitment to working with the best promotional product suppliers in the industry ensures that new and exciting products and inventory of branded lines and exclusive collections provides continuity to support long term, multi-year programs.

 Contact CoreCentive at 888.764.6466 today to discuss your programs. 

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Branded Merchandise Programs