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If You Do Nothing, Nothing Will Happen

So many Executives and Managers today literally do nothing to foster teamwork or build camaraderie. They simply go to work every day, they do not care about creating an "Attitude of Gratitude" or increasing the "Happiness Factor".  They do worry about performance, productivity and profitability, but are perplexed as to what to do about it.  They fail to realize that they are operating under a concept of "doing what they've always done,"  and in doing so, "they're getting what they've always got."

The Stronger Your Teams, The Greater Your Profitability

 It is a simple fact that Teamwork within organizations seperates the winning organizations from the losing organizations.  Companies that focus on fostering successful teams are more likely to:

  • Have higher performing workers
  • Lower turnover rates
  • Greater productivity
  • Improved performance
  • Greater profits

The more cohesive the team:

Do you really have a Wellness Program if your missing this?

Wellness programs are designed to improve employees' health and for the employer’s, help drive down the health care bottom line.

What Is Your Corporate New Year Resolution?

So the New Year is just a weeks away, and like you, I cant hardly believe it’s December and the holidays are on the doorstep. 2012 is only 33 days away, so it is that time of year that all of us begin to plan out 2012 and what were going to do to make ourselves better, or get a different outcome then the last year.
My blog has a twist, as I’m interested in what companies are going to do to help employees keep their resolutions. Since only 64% of resolutions are maintained for one month, it’s in the best interest of companies to he

Top 10 Initiatives To Combat Employee Stress

Stress management is an important, if not critical, component of health wellness initiatives.  Unlike more specialized programs that deal with issues such as smoking cessation or management of chronic conditions; stress is something that impacts all employees to some extent.  While somewhat subjective in how it’s defined and measured, stress is a phenomenon that has proven to have a very real impact on the health and productivity of employees.  For these reasons, employers have begun to make investments in programs that

What are Behavioral Traits Assessments and how they put the emphasis and predictor of behavior for candidates and employees.


PREVIOUSLY: Background & Testing for “Honesty.”

Did My Manager Just Say That?

It's documented that employees leave a company due to their immediate manager or team leader. So it’s not to surprising when I recently read the article about the Top Ten Things Only Bad Managers Say by Liz Ryan.  I thought it was interesting as some of these time tested statements are still around today, and I'm confident you have heard them spoken at one time or another.  Not to mention, poor managers haven’t gone away!!!

A Happier Workforce Yields Greater Returns

Alex Edmans from the Wharton School recently wrote, "Corporations listed in Fortune's 100 Best Companies to Work For in America had equity returns that were

A Well Balanced Diet Starts With E-Brand!

Don’t think that corporate brand has a place in recruiting, think again!  Try wearing the shoes of your corporate recruiters and you will quickly realize how important an employment brand is to you and your company’s success.

Assessment Strategy for Evaluating Applicant Risk of Employee Delinquency



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