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Wreck-It Ralph' Raises Workplace Awareness With Respect to Recognition

By James Tehrani

After watching the new Disney flick Wreck-It Ralph, my kids asked me to blog about it. I told them I'd give it a shot, but I wasn't sure how I could relate it to the workplace. Then it hit me like a Mario hammer, so stand back: I'm going Turbo.

HR Paradigm Shifts Are Becoming Commonplace!

In just a few short years, I have seen some dramatic paradigm shifts in the perception, value and strategic importance that HR Professionals play within keeping organizations competitive. 

Some of these paradigm shifts are a result of internal change, while some external forces tend to push old HR practices to extinction, like technology and its impact on recruiting. 

Here are a few shifts in HR that I wanted to comment on.

1.  HR Technology 

Social Referrals Save Companies Time and Money

By Sarah Fister Gale
Recruiters across industries know that referrals generally deliver the best candidates, and now thanks to social media sites, they are cheaper and easier to find.

If you are recruiting for one of the hot tech companies in Silicon Valley, chances are you are looking to your employees to find the best candidates.

Kinder and Gentler: The New Path to Reducing Employee Turnover

Auto dealers are moving toward a more flexible, more enjoyable, less rule-restricted workplace—in hopes of keeping staffs content and motivated enough to stay on the job.

When an employee at Bill Gatton Honda in Bristol, Tennessee, needs to leave early to catch a child's afternoon school football game or to take an elderly parent to the doctor, General Manager

Trace Bratton has a stock answer:

"I tell them, 'Of course,'" Bratton says.

Workplace Flexibility Key to Job Satisfaction

Democrats and Republicans Agree—Workplace Flexibility Key to Job Satisfaction

Congressional staff members and 25 members of Congress participated in a SHRM survey, which found that 55 percent feel that ‘flexibility to balance work and life issues’ is very important, but only 26 percent are very satisfied with the flexibility in their own workplace.

Year-End Employer Rewards to Employees Can Come in Small Packages

A poll shows that the majority of workers don't expect or need huge end-of-year gifts: For 69 percent, a gift card of $25 will do.

Spreading some holiday cheer—and a little morale boost—might be easier than you think in today's strained economy, according to a recent survey from Texas-based Parago Inc., a benefits consulting company.

The Financial Gap: Financial Education Need vs. Participation

What's The Deal with Financial Wellness Programs?

In a recent survey by Metlife, it showed that roughly 72% of small business employees would like to have a financial education program. 

However, when it comes to employees actually participating in the education, the numbers drop to roughly 12%.

So what's the deal?

Here are the top 5 reasons why employees are not participating in company financial education programs today.

Using Workforce Analytics to Predict Employee Turnover

The insights provided by predictive workforce analytics can help CIOs retain essential IT staff when competition for talent is stiff.  

When valued IT professionals decide to look for a new job, they often leave clues indicating their desire to switch employers. They may use up vacation time. They may cash out stock options. They may put in fewer hours or otherwise disengage from their work.

Despite those signs, managers are often shocked when their top performers submit resignation letters. If only they could have seen the writing on the wall.

5 Steps to rebuilding employee confidence with your recognition program

I was recently asked a question from a client about bringing life back to their old employee recognition program.  The question was this:  "How do we enhance our 3 year old recognition program to our employees.  They no longer appreciate the current program, so participation is down, and we need to have measurement moving forward."  

Hercules Trophy Inaugural Event A Success

Hercules Trophy Inaugural Event A Success

The first time US event leaves lasting impressions and memories

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