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Expressing Gratitude Really Works!

Charles D. Kearns, PHD, MBA said it best when he wrote, “Gratitude is not just a “feel good” emotion when it comes to organizational life. It can benefit an organization in many ways. When an employee believes his or her superiors are grateful for his or her work, the employee will benefit by having an improved sense of worth to the organization. This improved sense of worth can lead to performance improvement, thereby benefiting the organization. Further, the person expressing gratitude benefits from that expression, which also may positively impact the organization.” To read more click 


Think about how great you feel when your manager says. “Great Job” or simply “Thanks”.  It makes you want to exhibit that behavior again and again.  It’s a known fact that when an employee feels good about work and their manager they are more productive and their performance is increased.  From the manager’s perspective, it also feels good to make one of your employees feel appreciated. 

It is just human nature that you do more when you feel good and appreciated.  By feeling appreciated, one is more engaged.  When employees are more engaged, companies are more profitable.  If you are a manager reading this, take a moment to go around and tell your staff how much you appreciate them and how great they are.  You can change the outlook of your entire staff in just a few words.  Try it, because Gratitude Works!

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Expressing Gratitude Really Works!