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May 2011

Brand New Employees = Brand Ambassadors

Have a detailed logo? Flock it!

Flocked graphics offer a new category beyond traditional embroidery or screen printing; and Flock Heat Transfers are the only technology in the world that apply very quickly for on-demand service (20 seconds or less) while at the same time offering the highest perceived value beyond what is possible with embroidery.

Does a white lie have a silver lining?

In October of 2010, ADP Canada released a survey that nearly one in five Canadians exaggerated their qualifications to land a job.  That means that candidates are lying about their ability to perform, a very alarming statistic!

If you are not using QR codes with your logo merchandise you are missing the boat!

Look around....QR codes are everywhere.  I was in Sam's Club yesterday and scanned a QR code on a giant box of watermellons.  I scanned the code and was taken to the grower's website where I learned more about watermellons than I ever wanted to.

The Positive Energy of Gratitude

If you are a Business Owner, C-level Executive or a Manager, Tommy Wyatt and Curtis Lewsey provide some great advice, "Nobody wants to sit down with you and hear about how great and successful you are.  It's okay to talk about your success stories, but just do it with humility.  If you are confident, people will be drawn towards you.  If you are arrogant, they'll turn the other way.  Learn to shift the focus from yourself to others.  Make it a practice of lifting up other people all day, week, month and year long."  Tell your employees how great they

May 2011