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March 2011

Restaurant Chain Attracts Job Applicants with Music Download Promotion

When applicable, try and utilize promotional merchandise that can measure ROI (return on investment). By requiring your target audience to do something in order to get something, you can effectively measure the success of your promotion. Here is an example:

With competition for employees at an all-time high, Cosi, a convenience restaurant with locations in more than 15 states, was looking for a way to drive job hunters its way and build a database of interested applicants. The solution? A music download promotion tied to a customized online registration page.

Low Employee Morale will Cost You!

Today's USA Today has a great article on employee morale  As the economy starts to turn, employees who do not feel appreciated will start to seek employement elsewhere thus costing current employers millions and millions in productivity, recruiting, hiring and training costs.  Employees are stressed and feel under appreciated.  The irony here is that it is easy to stop this from happening!

Four Lessons For Living Your Company’s Brand

Each week there are more and more articles, blogs and industry professionals validating the need for a direct link between talent management, workforce recognition and brand engagement.   This link is critical in ensuring a cohesive talent, reward and brand strategy to drive performance and profitability.

Recognizing The 'Average Joe & Jane' In Your Organization

Mid Level Performers Make Up 3/4 Of Any Organization; Don't Let Untapped Potential Fall Through The Cracks

The workforce of any organization can be dissected into three groups of performers: high level, mid level and low level.

Human Capital Management Company? Recognition Company? or Fullfilment Center?

Is your Recognition provider really a Fulfillment Center?

There are many companies out there in the Employee Recognition space that claim to be Employee Recognition Companies, but are they really Recognition Companies or Fulfillment Centers?  They also claim to be at the forefront of employee recognition.  They all claim to be the biggest or the best, but is that really the case?

Let's think about this.  Do any of these so called "industry leaders" help your organization:

New Study Claims BPA-Free Plastics May Leach Chemicals Similar to BPA

BPA free products were supposed to be the “safe” alternative to polycarbonate plastic bottles. In the promotional product industry suppliers were rushing to manufacturer new “BPA Free” bottles. A new market was created. Then this…

Six Signs of a Good Manager

Careful selection of employees and managers can have a huge impact on your employee retention efforts and employee turnover costs at your organization. 

So what are the signs of a good manager?  According to Bill Bean and his article “Six Signs of a Good Manager” the number one sign says it all.

#1 Good Management: Recognition…Give It or Regret It

The Charade of Employee Appreciation Day

Friday, March 4th is National Employee Appreciate Day.  According to the Journal of Extension, employee appreciation ranked in the top three most motivating factors for employee satisfaction. Creating an entire day devoted to expressing thankfulness to staff can increase employee contentment and thus company profits.

As I perused multiple websites I was able to find many ways that managers can do nice things for their employees on National Appreciation Day.  Some include:

Making Core Values Actionable

Recognition is important and needs to be practiced daily, but if your not reinforcing and driving the desired behaviors that ultimately increasing performance, you are not going to see the real ROI in recognition.

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